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Akram Serdani

Akram SERDANI 24 years old from skikda in Algeria, motivated, passionate, young activist and cities management student, he is  also the Founder and Manager of "EXIT DOOR ".
Akram manages the educational platform "Exit Door " where they provide trainings to develop soft skills and also help youth get scholarships and opportunities to improve their educational level.
Akram believes that the education is one of the fundamental factors of development, that is why he always seeks to share his experience with others as a coach or speaker and always hopes to be an inspiration to others.
Akram has managed projects at associations and organizations such as sustainable youth development association, Marj3 platform & Fatima al-Fihri Open University.Recently, he was nominated for the Young Africans Leaders Awards 2019 in Gambia.
While fighting educational challenges, Akram hopes to achieve his famous quote " Every time I see a problem, I educate someone to solve it."
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